Soar Into Lunar New Year With Joy And Laughter -Marrybrown’s Egg-stra Ong Returns!

You are currently viewing Soar Into Lunar New Year With Joy And Laughter -Marrybrown’s Egg-stra Ong Returns!

Celebrate the year of the dragon with Egg-stra ONG and ‘HAHA’
as Marrybrown’s fan-favourite makes a festive comeback. 

MALAYSIA, 24 JANUARY 2024 – The largest homegrown Halal Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Marrybrown’s Egg-stra Ong Meal returns with “something different” to welcome the Year of the Dragon! Featuring rich and creamy salted egg flavours, the fan-favourite will also be making its entrance alongside new limited-time seafood additions, adding an extra dose of “HAHA” to your joyous moments this festive season.

Available while stocks last, Marrybrown is set to delight its Memang Best fans with the introduction of new items to the Egg-stra Ong family, including Egg-stra Ong Shrimp Burger, Pineapple Pie, Money Bag and Pineapple Ong Fizz – all crafted to satisfy your cravings and enhance your festive feasting experience. 

Daniel Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown said, “During this special time of the year, our customers eagerly anticipate our Egg-stra Ong meals, and we know our customers can expect something different from us. This year, in addition to our signature crispy chicken, our customers can savour the umami flavours of our rich salted egg sauce with our delectable seafood additions.” 

The highlight in this festive meal is Marrybrown’s Egg-stra Ong Shrimp Burger Combo featuring crispy shrimp drizzled with egg-stra ong sauce between a butterscotch-flavoured bun, priced from RM18.80. For lovers of Marrybrown’s signature crispy chicken, the Egg-stra Ong Chicken Combo is available from RM21.80. Each combo meal comes with a refreshing cup of Pineapple Ong Fizz and French Fries. 

For those desiring a snack, the Egg-stra Ong Seafood Platter, priced from RM22.80, comprises regular french fries, Fish Nuggets, and Crispy Shrimp atop a few pieces of curry-filled Money Bag. Catering to varied preferences, the Egg-stra Ong Box Meal is an enticing choice featuring one piece of Egg-stra Ong crispy chicken, Egg-stra Ong Shrimp Burger, two pieces of Money Bag, and a cup of Pineapple Ong Fizz. Enhance the ONG factor with the crusty Pineapple Pie, priced from RM4.50.

“We envision our Marrybrown meals as the perfect companion for our customers as they reunite with loved ones, celebrating the new year with joy, health and fortune,” expressed Daniel.

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness, and value for the perfect dining experience.

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