Bubur Century: A Thick, Nutrient-Rich Soup Dish from Malaysia

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Have you ever imagined a bowl of porridge that is not only filling, but also offers a combination of savory, creamy and slightly sweet flavors? This is what is served by Bubur Century , a typical Malaysian culinary dish that is ready to shake your tongue

More Than Just Ordinary Porridge

Bubur Century is not just any porridge. Different from the chicken porridge you usually encounter, this dish has a thicker texture and rich taste. The secret to its deliciousness lies in the use of rice porridge cooked in coconut milk , resulting in a delicious and creamy sauce.

Each Bubur Century seller may have their own unique touch. Some add fried peanuts to add a crunchy texture, while others use fish oil to add a unique savory taste.

Bubur Century
Source: Mister Aladin

Eggs in a Warm Bowl Feast

Not only that, Bubur Century is pampered with an abundance of various toppings . Eggs are the main stars, served in the form of boiled whole, sunny side up, or even quail eggs . Apart from that, you will also find shredded chicken slices, savory cakwe, refreshing slices of celery, and fried onions which add a fragrant aroma .

Bubur Century
Source: Kompas.com

If you have the opportunity to visit Malaysia, don’t miss trying Bubur Century. This dish is often found in street food vendors and well-known restaurants. Bubur Century is proof of how a combination of simple ingredients can create culinary delights that are rich in flavor and appetizing. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy an unforgettable Malaysian culinary sensation by tasting a warm and filling bowl of Bubur Century.

Article curated by Mika Natalia