Heavenly Heights & Culinary Delights: A Love Affair at 1-Altitude Melaka!

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At the highest location in Melaka, the city skyline meets the idyllic Straits of Malacca at 1-Altitude Melaka.  From 9 to 14 February, this very destination will exude its romantic charm as love takes centre stage, promising unforgettable experiences destined to become cherished memories. With a diverse array of Valentine’s Day specials, 1-Altitude Melaka invites you to embark on an amorous journey where your dining experience is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of love. 

MONTI ‘San Valentino’ Menu

MONTI ‘San Valentino’

Experience the height of romantic dining at MONTI, where the exclusive ‘San Valentino’ Menu makes its debut. This 5-course Valentine’s Menu is priced at RM418++ (non-window seating) and RM476++ (window seating)

The Scallop à la Plancha offers a sensory prelude to a scintillating meal – a perfect blend of seared scallops, Crispy Beef Prosciutto, with the velvety richness of Sicilian Bottarga. This is followed by the house-made Cappelletti ‘Alla Mantovana’, which features luscious Burnt Butter Sage, Beetroot, Mostarda, and Parmesan Cream. MONTI’s main dish allows guests a selection of Cod à la Plancha, paired with Italian favourites such as polenta and parsley oil, and finished with fresh seasonal truffle; or short ribs, sous vide to perfection and layered with Valrhona dark chocolate and beef jus. The dining experience reaches its zenith with the fifth course, an extravagant local twist on the Italian classic, Rose Tiramisu with sumptuous layers of Mascarpone, Sabayon, and Savoiardi Biscuits. 

Each dish in MONTI’s all-new ‘San Valentino’ Menu is a masterpiece specifically curated for the occasion by the purveyors of love at MONTI, capturing the essence of Italy’s passionate culinary heritage.

FLNT Valentine’s Day Set Menu

FLNT Valentine’s Day Set

FLNT invites you to embark on a gastronomical love story with its Valentine’s Day Set Menu, priced at RM145++ per person. This exceptional menu showcases the harmonious fusion of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, featuring the Salmon Tartare, which offers an exhilarating mix of richness and freshness. The salmon is complemented by Quinoa Shio Kombu and a modern twist on Peruvian Aji Amarillo, adding depth and excitement to the overall dining experience.

As the culinary love story unfolds, the Beef Fillet Saltado, Kohitsuji Yaki, and Miso Red Snapper become integral chapters in a romantic saga, each dish showcasing bold flavours and culinary expertise that define FLNT’s elevated offerings catered for individual palates. The Valentine’s Day Set Menu at FLNT is not just an exploration of unique differences, but a celebration of distinct characters, all united by a shared passion for creating unforgettable fusion dining experiences this Valentine’s Day.

Wildseed Café February High-Tea Menu

Wildseed Café February High-Tea

Couples looking for a more casual celebration can look no further than Wildseed Café. The February High-Tea Menu is priced at RM88++ per couple and offers a flavourful symphony all through February. Be enamoured as the seductive taste of Lavender Chocolate Cremeux dances on the palate and the Jasmine Vanilla Cheesecake whispers a sweet and innovative take on a traditionally intimate dish. Pair the Scones with Hibiscus Berry Jam & Butter; and a selection of coffee or tea adds a familiar crescendo of romance to the overall high-tea experience. 

Wildseed Bistro Valentine’s Couples Set Menu

Wildseed Bistro Valentine’s Couples Set

Wildseed Bistro invites lovers to indulge in the Valentine’s Couples Set Menu, priced at RM196++ per couple. Delight in the Whole Chicken Leg, elegantly paired with Chat Potato, a culinary masterpiece crafted to amplify each savoury bite. Enhanced with a delightful Balsamic & Orange Chicken Jus, this dish becomes an ode to love. The Grilled Sea Bass, resting on a bed of refreshing Citrus Couscous, presents contrasting textures and zesty notes, while the heart-shaped Dark Chocolate Mousse concludes the perfect ending to your culinary love affair—rich, indulgent, and unmistakably romantic.

1-Altitude Rooftop Bar ‘Sunset’ Valentine’s Platter

1-Altitude Rooftop Bar ‘Sunset’ Valentine’s Platter

For a dizzyingly romantic ending, 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar serves as the perfect apex to an unforgettable night, with the ‘Sunset’ Valentine’s Platter, available from 9 to 14 February, at RM160++ per couple. Revel with an exciting assortment perfect for snacking as you sip on your complimentary Valentine’s Cocktail/Mocktail. The platter features, among others, Grilled Spiced Shrimp, Rosemary Chicken Rolls, and divine Berries Crostini, paired with Cream Cheese and Fresh Fruits. As you enjoy the perfect conclusion to an evening suspended in the Malaccan sky, let this intimate celebration transcend the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary, as the breathtaking vistas of Melaka serve as the celestial backdrop to your love story.Up in the skies with love, 1-Altitude Melaka invites you to script your own beloved story this Valentine’s Day. From the intimate setting of Wildseed Café and Bistro to the captivating allure of MONTI and the harmonious flavours of FLNT, each venue is a unique chapter in your celebration with loved ones. Celebrate love where each moment is a proclamation, and every shared gaze is a testament to the enduring and passionate connection you share, only at 1-Altitude Melaka!

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