Kuih Lopis: A Fragrant Sticky Rice Delight from Malaysia

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Kuih Lopis, a fragrant and delightful Malay sweet, is a celebration of glutinous rice and the magic of pandan leaves. Often enjoyed as a snack or dessert, this traditional treat boasts a unique texture and a burst of pandan aroma that will leave you wanting more.

A Sticky Rice Tradition

Kuih Lopis is a beloved member of the vast family of Malay kueh (pronounced koo-eh), a term encompassing bite-sized snacks and desserts. Its origins are uncertain, but it has become a cornerstone of Malay cuisine, cherished for its simplicity and satisfying taste.

Kuih Lopis
Source: Sajian Sedap

Ingredients Unveiled

The magic of Kuih Lopis lies in its focus on a few key ingredients. Glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice, takes center stage, providing the base for the delightful chewiness. Freshly squeezed pandan leaf extract infuses the dish with its characteristic green hue and intoxicating fragrance. Coconut milk adds a touch of richness and creaminess, while a pinch of salt balances the sweetness.

The Steaming Process

The preparation of Kuih Lopis is a gentle affair. The glutinous rice is rinsed and soaked until softened, then steamed to perfection. The steamed rice is then mixed with the fragrant pandan leaf extract, creamy coconut milk, and a touch of salt. This mixture is steamed once more, allowing the flavors to marry and the texture to achieve its signature stickiness.

Kuih Lopis 2
Source: Sonora.id

Presentation and Enjoyment

Traditionally, Kuih Lopis is cut into squares or bite-sized pieces and served at room temperature. The vibrant green color from the pandan leaves adds a delightful visual element. It is often enjoyed on its own, allowing the subtle sweetness and the contrasting textures of the sticky rice and the shredded coconut topping (sometimes used) to shine through. However, a drizzle of palm sugar syrup or honey can elevate the sweetness for those who prefer a more pronounced taste.

Kuih Lopis is a testament to the Malay love for simple yet flavorful treats. With its focus on natural ingredients and traditional methods, it offers a delightful taste of Malaysian culture in every bite. So, the next time you crave a sweet and satisfying snack, seek out Kuih Lopis and embark on a culinary adventure to Southeast Asia.

Article by Mika Natalia