List of Places Iftar 2024 in Klang Valley

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During Ramadan , one of the activities you can do with family, friends or loved ones is iftar. This can strengthen the relationship of love and quality time with them after a tiring day of resisting hunger and thirst.

Apart from cooking and eating together at home, you can also try to go to interesting places to break the fast. There are many restaurants that provide comfortable places and delicious iftar dishes for you to try.

Bazzar Ramadan
Source: Sinar Harian

Sometimes it feels like being free from the congestion of the Ramadan bazaar, right? So, you can continue to come and eat at the places that Min has listed below, especially in the Klang Valley area. Order and wait for the food to be served to you. No need to crowd the bazaar anymore.

What’s special about this Purple Durian, we only list HALAL restaurants to make it easier for Muslims in Malaysia to iftar without any misgivings. For sure, DELICIOUS and HALAL. Sealamat berbuka puasa! (Malay for “Happy breaking everyone!”)

List of places to break fast by district around Klang Valley:

Article curated by Mika Natalia