Maggi® Celebrates “The Heart & Soul Of Chinese New Year”, The Cooks Behind The Festivities 

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MAGGI® latest Campaign Pays Tribute to The Unsung Heroes in the Kitchen

PETALING JAYA, 23 JAN 2023 – As the lunar calendar turns a new leaf ushering in the Year of the Dragon, MAGGI® MALAYSIA is proud to announce its latest campaign, “The Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year,” a heartfelt ode to the heroes of the festivities—the devoted cooks, whose labour of love, ensure their marinade sings with flavour and the reunion table brims with joy. 

CNY Dishes

For nearly half a century, MAGGI® has been the trusted name in Malaysian kitchens, preserving the cherished tastes of local cuisine. As the leading food brand, MAGGI® has continued to innovate its products in support of the selfless cooks in their quest to make each meal embody the perfect taste of “home and tradition”. 

That is why MAGGI® aims to reiterate a simple truth: no cooks, no celebration—because it’s the cooks who make the New Year festive and keep cultural traditions alive. With the weight of tradition on their shoulders, home cooks tirelessly embrace the loving task of preparing time-honoured dishes, knowing well that Chinese New Year is a time when kin gather to share dishes that have passed down through generations. 

As part of this campaign, MAGGI® will unveil a thematic film paying tribute to the guardians of flavour on YouTube in Jan 2024. The cinematic homage celebrates these unsung heroes who shape the taste of “home and tradition.” The nation’s cherished home cooks are the heartbeat of the celebration. With each loving stir and tender simmer, they bring out the homemade taste of the new year, ensuring that the all-important, traditional reunion dinner is the soul of the occasion. MAGGI® invites us all to show gratitude to cooks who pour love into every meal and bring us all home, no matter where we are. 

“At MAGGI®, we recognise the pivotal role of the cooks. We want to celebrate them by rallying the community to show them well-deserved gratitude. MAGGI® is here to give them a touch of inspiration, or a recipe, to ensure that the tradition of good food moments continues to bring people together, year after year, ” said Ms. Ivy Tan Link Cheh, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®

“I am reminded by the Heart & Soul of my own Chinese New Year; my grandma, whose Chinese New Year specialty is the Hokkien Fried Spring Rolls. This dish, beloved across four generations and among family friends, is often snatched from the plate as soon as it leaves the wok. Paired perfectly with MAGGI® Chili sauce for decades, this cherished recipe has now been passed down to my mother, allowing us to savour this family favourite even more frequently,” Ms. Tan continued.

MAGGI® invites you to show some love for your favourite cook, through the ‘MAGGI® ‘The Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year’ Appreciation Contest. MAGGI® will send 2,000 home cooks a MAGGI® Appreciation Kit, stocked with their culinary products, that will elevate any time-honoured Chinese New Year dishes. Details are as follows: 

1. Head on over to MAGGI®’s official website accessible in English. 

2. Fill up the form with the required details, and upload a photo together with a heartwarming caption that shows your appreciation for the home cooks in your life. 3. Feel free to include at least one MAGGI® product in your photo for extra points, but it’s not mandatory. 

4. The caption should depict the story of the home cooks in your life and how they have made your Chinese New Year more memorable (225 character limit). 

5. 2,000 entries who meet the criteria, will each win x1 MAGGI® Appreciation Kit that will be delivered to you. 

6. The contest will run from 18 Jan to 29 Feb 2024. 

7. The results will be announced on MAGGI® official website and social media channels. The contest will be running in three phases, details are as follows: 

Phases Timeline Result Announcement
Phase 1 18 Jan till 31 Jan (14 days) 6 Feb
Phase 2 1 Feb till 14 Feb (14 days) 20 Feb
Phase 3 15 Feb till 29 Feb (15 days) 11 Mar

In the spirit of the season, MAGGI® invites everyone to participate in the ‘Kongsi Rezeki, Kongsi Meriah’ festive giveaway. With every RM8 purchase of MAGGI® products, customers can enter a draw to win a grand cash prize of RM8,888 or be one of nine to claim the RM888 second prize. Weekly draws also offer 88 customers the delight of winning one of 704 units of branded Airfryers. 

Additionally, spending RM18 grants a complimentary MAGGI® shopping bag, and RM28 secures a Chinese New Year-themed MAGGI® plate. Running nationwide from 1 Jan to 29 Feb 2024, these promotions reflect MAGGI®’s dedication to spreading prosperity and joy, while celebrating the rich tastes that define home cooking during the Lunar New Year. 

Join MAGGI® in making this Chinese New Year a celebration of taste, tradition, and the tireless cooks who bring it all together. Additionally, MAGGI® offers a curated selection of recipes to share inspiration with home cooks for reunion dinner preparations, all available on the MAGGI® Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year’s website. For more information, visit: 

MAGGI® Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year’s website in English 

MAGGI® ‘Kongsi Rezeki, Kongsi Meriah’ festive giveaway website in Bahasa Malaysia