The Glorious Comeback of PappaRich: A Conversation with Executive Director, Andy Lim

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Calling all Malaysians who missed their PappaRich fix – the iconic Kopitiam chain is making a comeback under the leadership of passionate entrepreneur, Lim Kean Choong, also known as Andy. Founded in 2005, PappaRich has established a global presence, serving up delicious Malaysian flavors. It is one of the best Kopitiam-style eateries in Malaysia with a cozy ambience.

We had the greatest pleasure on interviewing the executive director himself.

Opening of PappaRich Lite
Source: PappaRich

Andy’s journey in F&B is fueled by passion. His journey began at 13 with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He later transitioned from the IT industry, inspired by his family’s 10-year experience in the F&B business and his own interest in the field. They also had ventured into Thai-style hot pot called “Bhai Jim Jum”. He believes in the importance of passion for success in this field, a value he shares with his father, who first joined the PappaRich franchise! Their first outlet was in NU Sentral for 8 years.

PappaRich Char Kuey Teow
Source: PappaRich

We all know PappaRich faced fluctuations recently and one of it was difficulties on maintaining consistency in key ingredients, leading to a loss of some loyal customers. Andy committed to regaining their trust by staying true to PappaRich’s authentic Malaysian flavors’, the very taste Malaysians hold dear to themselves. This is why, in acquiring PappaRich in Malaysia and Cambodia, Andy saw the immense value in the brand and its legacy.

PappaRich Lite
Source: PappaRich

We are also thrilled to announce that PappaRich is reviving to PappaRich Lite, a new concept that caters to the modern go-getter, offering delicious and affordable Kopitiam eats in a relaxed setting.

As part of the brand refresh, Andy shared that PappaRich will stay true to its core element of celebrating Malaysian Delights. He envisions new and innovative flavors and presentations, all while honoring the brand’s heritage. To achieve this, PappaRich will prioritize consistent high-quality food alongside exciting culinary creations. Their target audience? Everyone who misses the unique taste of PappaRich – and that’s a lot of us!

Pappa Nasi Lemak
Source: PappaRich

We can now officially say – PappaRich is back, and they are here to stay!

With 3 more franchises set to be opened this year with a refreshed, new menu as well as the upcoming launch of PappaRich Lite. Remember the taste of the buttery kaya toasts with kopi-o on the side that captured your heart? They are back, bringing the taste and quality of the delicious Malaysian food you’ve been craving. Let’s get ready to rediscover the timeless flavors’ we love with open arms and hungry bellies!

Article curated by Shelina Winthya