Unveiling Kek Lumut: A Steamy Delight from Sarawak

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Nestled in the heart of Borneo lies Sarawak, a Malaysian state brimming with cultural treasures and a vibrant food scene. One of its beloved treats is Kek Lumut, a steamed cake that translates to “Moss Cake.” Don’t let the name fool you, though! This delectable dessert boasts a unique texture and flavor that will leave you wanting more.

A Textural Symphony

Kek Lumut’s charm lies in its delightful contrast. Unlike a typical cake, it boasts a soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture, often described as “moist” or “lemak” (rich) in Malay. This melt-in-your-mouth quality is attributed to the use of ingredients like butter and condensed milk.

But fear not, there’s more to the story! Kek Lumut isn’t all about melt-away softness. Some variations incorporate crumbled biscuits or ground nuts, adding a delightful textural surprise with a subtle crunch.

Flavorful Nuances

The base of Kek Lumut is typically flavored with pandan leaves, infusing the cake with a beautiful greenish hue and a subtle, calming fragrance. However, creativity reigns supreme in Sarawakian cuisine. Variations may incorporate ingredients like srikaya (custard apple jam) or even Horlicks, a malted milk drink, for a touch of nostalgia.

A Local Favorite

Kek Lumut is a mainstay in Sarawakian celebrations, gracing tables during festive occasions like Hari Raya. It’s also a popular find at local bakeries and food stalls, enjoyed as a tea-time snack or a delightful ending to a meal.

Kek Lumut Sarawak
Source : RASA

So, if you’re ever in Sarawak, be sure to seek out Kek Lumut. This unassuming steamed cake offers a delightful textural and flavor experience, a true testament to the culinary ingenuity of Sarawak.

Article by Mika Natalia