White Shades Unveils Highball Haven at Revamped Level 1 and New Bar Hopping Experience

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Singapore, 14 May 2024 White Shades, the esteemed bar best known for embracing versatility and innovation in cocktails, announces the relaunch of its Level 1 space. Previously a decadent confectionery parlour serving up ice-creams, and ready-to-drink low-alcohol tea cocktails, the ground floor of the bar has now undergone a major transformation to emerge as an urban enclave for highball connoisseurs. Accompanying the revamp is an exciting new bar experience that invites you on a sensory journey through all floors. 

Founded by Bai JiaWei, recently featured as one of Prestige’s 2024 40 Under 40, White Shades is located on Boon Tat Street in the heart of the Central Business District and promises guests a multi-sensory discovery of the cocktail culture in Singapore.

The revamped Level 1 space abandons the previous pastel tones and a darkened entrance now beckons guests to step into a Japanese-inspired elevated speakeasy, framed with eye-catching bright neon signs and illuminated backsplashes. Above, the roving disco ball sparkles, while speakers pump out the hippest Japanese beats; images of Kakubin highballs and White Shades’ mouthwatering wings are splashed across funky posters and wallpaper.

Inspiration from the Rich Tapestry of Japanese Mixology

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Japanese mixology, the new space boasts an impeccable selection of highball cocktails. Japanese Kaku Highballs, presented in five distinct styles—Classic, Yuzu, Umeshu, Genmaicha and Shiso are both delicate and complex; the “Kaku High” is ideal for a meal-time refreshment and a cocktail for all occasions. Enjoy a Kaku Highball for S$10++ during the bar’s Happiest Hour from 4pm to 6pm; S$12++ at Happy Hour from 6pm to 8pm; and S$14++ until midnight. 

Discover the White Shades Signature Highballs, crafted by the White Shades team and promising a symphony of flavours. The PawPaw Plum highball fuses gin’s botanical notes with sour plum and soursop, creating a vibrant, tangy and fruity drink. Spear The Melon is crisp and refreshing, soothing senses with rum, spearmint, watermelon and ice-cold watermelon garnish. Mango Agogo features vodka and tangy housemade mango yoghurt twirled with zesty grapefruit to create a bright and citrusy highball. The LycheeOo-Hi layers whisky with the deep yet naturally sweer flavours of lychee olong tea, while Smoky Inferno has earthy undertones, thanks to the combination of smoky and robust tequila, lapsang souchong and pineapple, topped with honey for sweetness and balance. Signature Highballs are S$16++ from 4pm to 6pm; S$18++ from 6pm to 8pm; and S$20++ until midnight. 

The Refreshing and Zesty menu section opts for a range of flavourful highballs, including the floral St Germain Highball, fruity Calvados Tonic and aromatic Campari Highball. Each highball presents a crisp bite of spirit or liqueur lengthened out with the refreshing fizz of soda, a perfect medley at S$11++ during Happiest Hour from 4pm to 6pm; S$13++ at Happy Hour from 6pm to 8pm; and S$15++ until midnight. 

Guests heading down to discover the new gathering place will also find a revamped food menu featuring small plates of izakaya-style bites designed to complement their highball journey. 

To take things to the next level, White Shades has also launched a new bar-hopping experience: Hop through the Shades. At just S$100 Nett, tipplers can embark on a journey through all three levels: Level 1, Rooftop, and Level 2, enjoying a drink of choice at each zone. The night concludes at White Shades’ hidden, by-invite-only bar with a bespoke cocktail created by Jiawei himself. Advanced reservations is required for Hop through the Shades. 

White Shades is located at 25 Boon Tat Street. For reservations, please contact +65 8575 8578 or make your booking via this link. 

Opening timings differ for each level, as stated below: 

Highball (L1): Mon-Sat, 4pm to 12am 

Cocktail (L2): Mon-Sat, 6pm to 12am 

Rooftop (L4): Mon-Sat, 5pm to 12am 

Extensive menu of inventive highballs debuts alongside an exhilarating new experience that fully immerses oneself in the cocktail playground !

Article by Mika Natalia