Why You Should Celebrate This Festive Season At 1-Altitude Melaka

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Immerse Yourself in the Pulse of the Festivities at Melaka’s Premier Lifestyle Destination!

As the merriment of the festive season unfurls its magic, there’s no better place to find new heights of celebration than at 1-Altitude Melaka! Picture yourself at Melaka’s highest point, where the sky meets the city, with spectacular views – a 360-degree visual feast that captures the Straits of Malacca and the City Skyline in all their glory. Experience the thrill of overlooking the city, the euphoria of tantalising culinary delights, and the tranquillity of serene urban escapes, all in ONE location.

This season, be swept away on a festive journey that transcends the ordinary – a celebration that will linger in your memories long after the festive lights have dimmed. Here are just a few of the many reasons to celebrate at 1-Altitude Melaka! 


Vista Vibes
Vista Vibes

Kick off the revelry with an eyeful of awesome! We’re talking about a 360-degree party panorama. As the sun entrancingly bows into the horizon, the city below transforms into a neon playground, setting Melaka’s cityscape into a kaleidoscope of festivities, making every glance truly mesmerising. 

Begin your celebration on a high note at 1-Altitude Melaka, and witness how a change in perspective can make all the difference in a spectacular celebration. 

Beyond the tinsel and twinkling lights, there’s something truly heartwarming about coming together over the festivities with family and loved ones in search of delightful and delectable culinary affairs. Laying host to a wide array of different festive promotions throughout the year-end period, 1-Altitude Melaka invites you to embark on a culinary expedition that will take you on a flavourful journey that’s not only a pleasure to the palate but all the senses! An abundant array of promotions awaits, catering to diverse preferences and guaranteeing satisfaction for every taste and desire.

Buon Natale at Monti Melaka
Buon Natale at Monti Melaka
Buon Natale at Monti Melaka


For those with hearty festive appetites, MONTI puts its Italian spin on Christmas classics with a promotional Christmas Semi-Lunch Buffet; a true indulgence available only on Christmas Day at RM168++ per person. It’s the perfect family affair as teens between the ages of 12 and 17 can dine at just RM88++*, while those below 12 dine for free*. 

The Roasted Turkey Carving Station is a showstopper with its luscious Chestnut apricot stuffing, paired with the choice of an indulgent Cranberry or Giblet Sauce. Each slice is a revelation of juicy perfection and festive flavours that dance on your taste buds. Meanwhile, the truffle risotto cheese wheel is another spectacle to behold, tossed with Grana Padano Cheese and Truffle Paste fresh upon order. A festive Yule Log Cake adds the perfect sweet note to end your culinary quest.

The celebration doesn’t end there! Alongside an array of Communal Specials across December fit for up to 4 pax, MONTI invites you to elevate your evening with the 5-Course Christmas Dinner promotion, a gastronomic symphony that transcends ordinary dining.

Priced at RM198++ (non-window seating) and RM238++ (window seating), this culinary extravaganza is available from 23 to 25 December. 

Immerse yourself in the festive-inspired menu, featuring a selection of delectable mains.

Choose from the classic Roast Turkey with Lemon & Thyme Stuffing, the Crispy Skinned Snapper for a burst of seaside flavours, or the Pan-Seared Australian Grass-Fed Ribeye.

As New Year’s Eve makes its way to MONTI, the evening unfolds in two enchanting seatings; patrons at the first seating from 5.30pm to 8.00pm, will enjoy a reduced a-la-carte menu and the bonus of complimentary entrance (standing) to the enthralling NYE party at 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar. For those seeking a later celebration, the second seating commencing from 8.00pm onwards presents a lavish 6-course exclusive menu at RM258++ for non-window seats and RM288++ for the coveted windowed seats. To sweeten the deal, an enticing RM20 early bird offer is extended to both members and the public for second seating bookings. So, why wait? Join MONTI in bidding farewell to the year in grandeur, surrounded by culinary excellence, magnificent views, and access to the vibrant 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar NYE Party! 

Sky High Festive Reverly
Sky High festive Reverly

‘SKY HIGH FESTIVE REVELRY’ at 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar

The pinnacle of your festive celebration awaits at the sensational 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar. With a vibrant atmosphere and panoramic vistas that stretch into eternity, this rooftop bar spanning the Melaka skyline turns into the ultimate celebration with friends, family, and everyone in between! 

To add to the excitement, 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar presents exclusive Christmas and New Year’s promotions throughout the month. From 4 to 31 December, patrons can savour the joy of the season with a Festive Sharing Platter, priced at RM175++ per platter. Additionally, on 24 December, Christmas Eve celebrations kick in with special drinks and bottle packages that add a touch of merriment to your celebrations.

Sky High Festive Reverly

The sweetest Festive Seasons


For a family-friendly escape, Wildseed Café is your haven. Surrounded by lush plants and wooden furnishings, this quaint cafe offers a Festive High-Tea Set that’s a symphony of flavours and festive cheer. Priced at an inviting RM78++ for 2 pax, this high-tea treat is available from 4 to 31 December, providing the perfect setting for a family celebration or a cosy get-together with friends. Indulge in homely Egg Toasties, savour Mushroom Arancini with Truffle Aioli, and treat your sweet tooth to delights like a Chocolate Ginger Yule Log, Festive Cupcakes, and Gingerbread Cookies. 

Tastebud Tango
Tastebud Tango


Meanwhile, at FLNT, a traditional Japanese Sumiyaki experience takes on a vibrant and modern ‘Nikkei’ twist. 

For the upcoming season, indulge in the spirit of the season with FLNT’s Festive Communal Menu, available from 4 to 23 December, and priced at RM185++ for 2 pax, RM245++ for 3 pax, and RM345++ for 4 pax. FLNT will also offer a festive 3-course dinner at a remarkable price of RM98++ from 4 to 23 December, followed by a luxurious 4-course dinner priced at RM128++ per pax from 23 to 25 December, ensuring that your holiday season is one to remember!.

On New Year’s Day, FLNT invites you to savour a special 4-course dinner, expertly crafted to usher in 2024 at RM128++ per pax. It’s the perfect destination for those in search of an intimate dining experience to cherish the warmth of the season, one heavenly bite at a time (and by heavenly, we’re not just talking about the elevation!). 

So prepare to bid goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024 in style with 1-Altitude Melaka. Whether it is a welcoming dinner experience at FLNT, tasting MONTI’s 5-Course Festive Dinner promotion with loved ones overlooking the twinkling Melaka sky, or sipping on a cocktail while engaging in conversations at the 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar, 1-Altitude Melaka beckons as the place to be this holiday.

This is more than Melaka’s highest point; the magic of the season comes alive at every moment, and we invite you to join us for an unforgettable celebration!