From More Than 50 Million Cups to A Can – ZUS Coffee Launched ‘COFFIZZ’, Malaysia’s First Halal Canned Sparkling Coffee

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Kuala Lumpur, 30 January 2024 – ZUS Coffee, the trailblazing force in Malaysia’s coffee scene, is set to revolutionise the way Malaysians experience their favourite caffeinated beverage with the launch of COFFIZZ, the country’s first halal sparkling coffee in a ready-to-drink (RTD) canned format. It is also the first from the brand’s new vertical that covers FMCG and Lifestyle products synonymously named ZUS Everywhere  – a start to an exciting beverage and consumer goods lineup throughout the year that will continuously launch on the brand’s website,

Coffizz Can

The inception of a canned sparkling coffee beverage stemmed from a gap in the market, where consumers were looking for an easy-to-drink version of coffee. Coffee may have left a bitter taste for some, but by blending the fizzy nature and light caffeine with similar levels in a soft drink, consumers can now enjoy a new experience in an untapped category, coffee refreshers. 

Ng Chun How, Business Lead of the new vertical said, “Driven by our achievement of having served more than 50 million cups of affordable good quality coffee in Malaysia, COFFIZZ is a testament to our passion for pushing the boundaries of coffee innovation. We believe it will redefine the way Malaysians enjoy their coffee, offering  a refreshing and convenient option for everyone, everywhere.”

Coffizz Packaging

The product was initially launched in a Limited Edition 3-Can Box as an online-exclusive of only 10,000 units, now sold out in 10 days since the launch!

Customers can now get a can of COFFIZZ, RM3.50* each, at selected FamilyMart stores from 24 January 2024 onwards, while stocks last.

*Pricing applies to all in-store purchases except for KLIA2, KLCC and Genting. Store listing availability: 

Key Features of COFFIZZ

Crafted by ZUS Coffee

Made with real coffee extract, COFFIZZ guarantees the same high-quality coffee that ZUS Coffee customers know and love are used in the inception of its recipe.

Light Caffeine

For everyone and every occasion, COFFIZZ is for coffee lovers and those whose first experience with coffee was a bitter one. With a formula that aims to change one’s mind about coffee, experience a new bubbly brew that’s not bitter at all!

Bubbly Kick

Pioneering sparkling coffee in Malaysia, COFFIZZ is a unique fusion of bubbles and coffee, creating a refreshing beverage experience through a low dosage of caffeine yet still delivering a caffeinated kick.

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