Basi Digua: The Rush of Sweetness

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Have you ever come across a dessert that looks like a plate of jewels? Basi Digua, also known as candied sweet potatoes, might just be that dish! This popular street food from Northeast China is named after its fascinating feature – the long stretchy candy threads that clings to the sweet potato pieces.

The name Basi Digua might sound fancy and rich at first, but it’s the simplest food you’ll ever find. Sweet potato slices are friend until tender and then coated in a syrup made with just sugar and water, and there you will have your own Basi Digua. This dish creates a beautiful contrast between soft, warm sweet potato and the crystallized sugar shell that shines.

Basi Digua
Source: TastingTable.

This dish is particularly popular during the colder months of autumn and winter in China for its warmness it provides. This sweet dish will be the greatest way to chase away the chill and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Basi Digua has been a taste of Chinese culinary tradition for many years. With Malaysia’s significant Chinese population and the deep influence Chinese cuisine has had on Malaysian food culture, it’s no surprise that dishes like this have been blended into the country’s food settings. Today, you can find candied sweet potatoes enjoyed by various backgrounds across Malaysia.

Sweet Basi Digua
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So, the next time you’re exploring Malaysian street food, keep an eye out for Basi Digua and experience the unique and sweetness this dessert keeps a hold onto. You’ll probably wanting more of it after the first try!

Article curated by Shelina Winthya