Bonda: The Crispy, Spicy, South Indian Snack

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If you’re looking for a delicious crispy South Indian snack, look no more for we have the crispiest and flavoured bursting fillings on the inside, Bonda. This deep-fried snack is originated from Tamil Nadu, a popular choice across India with its various versions. They have sweet to savoury Bonda’s. The most common is Aloo Bonda, which is a spice potato filling in a crunchy exterior.

Ulundu Bonda
Source: Masalakorb

This crispy South Indian snack goes back, where it has been a culinary heritage for generations in Tamil Nadu. It showcases the food history of South India with such simple combination of potatoes, spices, and chickpea flour. With these 3 ingredients, we get to experience and taste one of the popular snacks from India.

The Bonda’s preparation involves boiling the potatoes with a pinch of spices such as turmeric, mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. This gives the spiciness and taste to the fillings in the chickpea flour that is deep fried later.

Here in Malaysia, Bonda has blended well from India to our taste preferences. Here, we can find variations such as Sardine Bonda and Sweet Bonda, which is made up from coconut and jaggery.

So, if you ever crave for a snack that’s crispy and spicy, head to your nearest Indian eateries, stalls, and restaurants to find their unique variations of Bonda. What is more comforting than a Bonda with a chai on the side of your plate on an evening? Dive into and get firsthand experience this rich, delicious – culinary heritage of South Indians.

Article curated by Shelina Winthya