The Significance of Soya Bean in Malaysia

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Soya bean, a legume native to East Asia, has a significant role in the Malaysian food industry. Despite not being a local crop, it is widely consumed in various forms, contributing to the rich culinary diversity of the country.

Soya Bean Products in Malaysia

One of the most dynamic integrated soya bean product manufacturing companies in Malaysia is Everbest, with 27 years of experience in the field . They offer a wide range of products, from soya bean milk to plant-based meat substitutes. Another popular place for soya bean products is The Soybean Factory, a Muslim-friendly shop that operates daily .

Soya Bean Consumption

Soya bean milk, also known as tau chui, susu soya, or air tauhu, is a popular drink in the hawker culture of Malaysia . It is regularly available alongside other traditional beverages. Additionally, soya beans are used in the preparation of tofu, a staple in many Malaysian dishes.

Soya Bean Production

Interestingly, despite its popularity, Malaysia does not produce soya beans. The region produces less than 10% of soybeans globally . The soya beans consumed in Malaysia are mainly imported.


Soya bean, despite not being a local crop, has found its place in the heart of Malaysian cuisine. Its versatility and nutritional value make it a favourite among locals, and its demand continues to grow.


Article curated by Suwaytha Gopal