Hee Pan: Malaysian’s Steamy Love Affair  

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For several Malaysians, a single bite of this Steamed Rice Cake has the ability transporting them back to their childhood memories. Hee Pan, originate from the Hakka Chinese Tradition, has a special place in the hearts of Malaysians for generations. It has the best of both world’s, where it is delicious and cultural.

“Hee Pan” comes from the Cantonese language, where “Hee” translates for “Fish” and “Pan” can mean as “Plate” or “Cake”. The direct meaning might not reflect the taste directly, but it does give the hints of the dish’s cultural importance.

With just rice flour, sugar, water, and baking powder, Hee Pan comes with a natural soft and slight chewy texture. There are few variations of it as well which also consists of adding coconut milk, red bean paste or shredded coconut. This is to enhance the flavor and texture of it. There are a variety of flavors out there, such as Pandan, Gula Melaka and Pumpkin.

Hee Pan is not just a treat of snack which is delicious, it holds a much more deeper meaning which represents the importance of food in Chinese Traditions and celebrations around us. It is also often enjoyed during festive occasions.

Hee Pan offers a unique combination of simplicity, flavor, and cultural significance. With its soft texture and subtle sweetness, it will be a delightful treat for any occasions which can be enjoyed by every age groups. This is highly locatable at your Street Chinese Cake Vendors and Chinese Hawker Stalls.

So, if you are looking for an exciting new snack with a touch of tradition, make sure to give Hee Pan a try! Who knows, maybe you have just discovered your brand-new favorite treat.

Article curated by Shelina Winthya