Pappadam: A Crispy Malaysian Snack

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Pappadam, a popular Malaysian snack, is a delightful treat known for its crispiness and irresistible flavours. This thin and crispy lentil-based wafer has won the hearts of Malaysians, who enjoy it as a standalone snack or as an accompaniment to their meals. In this article, we will delve into the origins, preparation process, and the sheer pleasure of indulging in Pappadam as a go-to snack in Malaysia.

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The Origins of Pappadam

Originally hailing from Indian cuisine, Pappadam made its way to Malaysia through the influence of Indian immigrants. Over time, the snack has adapted and assimilated into Malaysian culture, becoming a beloved part of the local culinary landscape.


Preparation and Ingredients

Pappadam is crafted using lentil flour, although variations may include rice flour or chickpea flour. The dough is mixed with a medley of spices like cumin, black pepper, and chili powder, adding a burst of flavour to the wafer. The dough is then rolled out into thin, circular discs and either sun-dried or deep-fried to achieve its signature crispy texture.

The Perfect Snack

Pappadam shines as a delightful snack on its own. Its crunchiness is a source of joy for snack enthusiasts. The snack is commonly enjoyed alongside a cup of tea, providing a satisfying crunch and a burst of flavour with each bite. Pappadam is lightweight, portable, and easily snackable, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go munching or as a quick snack at home.

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Versatile Flavours

While Pappadam is delicious in its classic form, it also offers a variety of flavours to cater to different taste preferences. Some variations may incorporate additional ingredients such as chopped onions, garlic, or spices, elevating the taste to new heights. Whether you prefer a mild and aromatic experience or a fiery kick, there is a Pappadam flavour for everyone to enjoy.


Pappadam stands as a beloved Malaysian snack, offering a crispy and flavourful experience that satisfies the craving for a quick bite. Its roots in Indian cuisine and subsequent adaptation in Malaysia have made it a snack that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether relished as a standalone snack or paired with a hot beverage, Pappadam is a snack that Malaysians turn to for a satisfying crunch and a burst of deliciousness. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this crispy Malaysian delight when exploring the local snack scene.

Article curated by Suwaytha Gopal