Tiny Towers, Big Taste: Puttu

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If you’re craving for something warm and healthy, we know exactly what you need! Puttu, a steamed rice cake, origin from the Southern Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, some parts of Karnataka and Sri Lanka. The word “Puttu” itself translates to “portioned” in Tamil and Malayalam, hinting at it’s individual serving size. But here in Malaysia, Puttu has taken on a life of its own, winning hearts of its own unique flavors.

Puttu is typically served for breakfast as a dish. It’s steamed to perfection, making it a light and healthy way to kickstart your day. The steaming process preserves the natural ingredients of its dish which are rice flour, water, and fresh coconut.

The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. Yet, it is truly a symphony of flavors with a combination of textures. The soft, pillowy rice flour or ragi flour goes well with the subtle sweetness of shaved coconut, bananas, chickpeas curry, and papad, which offers a delightful mix of sweet, savory, and crunchy sensations.

Puttu holds cultural and religious significance in many Indian households till this day. The dish is prepared as an offering during ceremonies and rituals, and it takes the spotlight during festive season’s here in Malaysia. This rich history and symbolic meaning add another layer to the appreciation of this unique dish.

Malaysians don’t have it only for breakfast, we have it anytime we crave for. It can be an afternoon dish or our teatime snack. You can give a try having Puttu with coconut jam if you prefer sweetness, or any sambal’s if you are looking forward to getting your taste buds explode. The possibilities are endless! So, head on to the nearest Indian Restaurant and ask for a Puttu.

Article curated by Shelina Winthya