Ayam Geprek: A Fiery Malaysian Dish

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When it comes to Malaysian cuisine, the diversity and fusion of flavours never cease to amaze. One such dish that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Ayam Geprek. With its fiery kick and tantalizing taste, this Indonesian-inspired dish has found its way into the hearts and palates of Malaysians. In this article, we will explore the origins, preparation, and distinctiveness of Ayam Geprek, a dish that has become a sensation across Malaysia.

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Origins of Ayam Geprek

Ayam Geprek, which translates to “smashed chicken,” originated from Indonesia and quickly made its way across borders to Malaysia. It gained widespread popularity due to its unique combination of flavours and textures. The dish typically features deep-fried chicken that is smashed or pounded and then topped with a spicy sambal sauce.

Preparation and Cooking

To prepare Ayam Geprek, chicken pieces are marinated with a blend of spices, including turmeric, garlic, and ginger. The marinated chicken is then deep-fried until it reaches a perfect golden crispness. Once fried, the chicken is gently pounded or smashed with a pestle to enhance its tenderness and absorb the flavors of the sambal sauce.

The Fiery Sambal Sauce

What sets Ayam Geprek apart is its fiery sambal sauce. Made from a mixture of chili peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and other spices, the sambal sauce adds a burst of heat and flavour to the dish. The level of spiciness can vary, depending on one’s preference. The sambal sauce is generously slathered over the smashed chicken, allowing the flavours to meld together harmoniously.

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Serving and Accompaniments

Ayam Geprek is typically served with a side of steamed rice or warm fragrant rice. The combination of the crunchy, spicy chicken and fluffy rice creates a satisfying meal. Some variations of the dish also include a side of fresh vegetables, such as cucumber or lettuce, to provide a refreshing contrast to the spicy flavors.

Ayam Geprek: A Malaysian Sensation

In recent years, Ayam Geprek has become a sensation in Malaysia, with numerous eateries specializing in this delectable dish. Its explosive flavors, crispy texture, and tongue-tingling spiciness have captured the hearts of Malaysians seeking a culinary adventure.


Ayam Geprek has undoubtedly made a mark on Malaysia’s vibrant food scene. Its unique blend of Indonesian and Malaysian flavours, combined with its fiery sambal sauce, has elevated it to a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Whether you are a spice lover or simply looking to tantalize your taste buds, Ayam Geprek is a dish that promises to deliver a fiery delight like no other.

Article curated by Suwaytha Gopal