Pulao: Where Spice Meets Royalty

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Crave for a vibrant rice experience that’s alike as Biryani? Then, say no more for that’s exactly what Pulao is for! This dish seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and that’s the magic of it. Pulao, is also known as Pilaf is a rice dish that holds a rich history and versatility, making it a remarkable dish.

Across regions and cultures, cooks have added their own unique twist towards pulao by using various ingredients and spices to create a symphony of flavors’. From the aromatic basmati rice to the dried fruits, each Pulao offers an exploration of flavors’ for your taste buds.

Pulao’s journey began in the Indian subcontinent, but it has eventually quickly spread and travelled to Central Asia, Middle East and beyond, where it has easily blended into their local cuisines. Today, you can find pulao in a lot of variations in their regions, each reflecting the unique flavors’ and traditions of its adopted home.

Here in Malaysia, this dish is our dear familiar friend, which is always on the tables of a neighbour’s home on a festive occasion and even being enjoyed as a part of everyday meals. Typically prepared with fragrant rice, spices, vegetables, and sometimes meat and seafoods, this dish serves its purpose which is flavourful and satisfying.

Indian Tofu Pulao
Source: Recipes.net

So, the next time you’re craving for a delicious rice dish, don’t hesitate to check out on Pulao which has an endless variety of it and rich history. Head down to your favorite Indian Restaurant and ask them about their Pulao – you’ll be in love with it!

Article curated by Shelina Winthya