Ras malai: The Sweetness Beyond Borders

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Have you ever gotten a hint taste that feels like fluffy clouds of sweetness swimming in a creamy pool, that has a perfect blend on the rich flavors of India? This, my friends, is the magic of Ras malai. It is also called as “Roshmalai” or “Rosmalai” in Bengali. A delightful treat that crossed and caught attention of many Malaysians.

Originally from North India, the Samatata region of Bengal, used to be a sweet of celebration during Krishna Janmashtami. Somehow, Ras malai has found a way into Malaysian cuisine through cultural influences of Indians here in Malaysia. This dessert showcases soft, spongy paneer dumplings – a type of Indian cottage cheese, which is soaked in a sweet and creamy rabri or malai that is a form of milk. Saffron is also added to this dessert typically for its aromatic taste and vibrant color.

Ras malai’s popularity in Malaysia reflects the diverse, vibrant culinary exchange between the Indian and Malaysian communities. Food’s such as these has always been a bridge of culture in the world of culinary.

While deeply rooted in Indian culinary heritage, Malaysian’s has taken a step further to come up with a variation of Ras malai flavors, besides the classic. With the help of our local ingredients such as pandan leaves, coconut milk, mango, chili, ginger, and lemongrass, we have Coconut Ras malai and Mango Ras malai too. This creative fusion would give a unique experience of Malaysian’s touch and taste to it.

Don’t miss out on this sweet cultural adventure of taste. You will be able to find this at Indian cuisine restaurants as a dessert in their menu and get the firsthand experience of this rich, vibrant flavored, traditional cultured beauty in a bowl.

Article curated by Shelina Winthya