The Golden Echoes of Kesari

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Ever seen a vibrant yellow-orange dessert in an Indian restaurant that looks like a sunshine on a plate? That delicious looking dessert is called as Kesari, also known as Kesari Bat. This sweet treat, with roots of India, is a popular dessert in the Indian Community here in Malaysia.

Kesari is originated in South India, with ancient roots that goes up back to centuries. The name itself reflects its heritage – which is taken from the Sanskrit word “Kesar”, meaning Saffron. This golden spice is crucial for it provides the vibrant hue and enchanting fragrance of Kesari.

Semolina is the main ingredient of all in Kesari, which is a gritty flour made from wheat. With an addition of ghee, sugar, cardamom powder and saffron, the beauty of Kesari evolves. There are variations of Kesari depending on the region’s preferences.

The evolution of this dessert where each region adds its own unique twist to this recipe has become a rich culinary reflection towards Indian cuisine. More than just a treat, this sweet Kesari holds a special place in the aspects of cultural, where it is served during festivals, weddings, and religious ceremonies. It is believed that these sweet desserts are a symbol of prosperity and joy of life.

In Malaysia, Kesari is seen able in Indian households even on a normal day as a snack or dessert. You will also be able to find this in many Indian restaurants and sweet shops throughout Malaysia. So, try a slice of Kesari – a taste of tradition and a sweet sunshine on a plate. We agree, you’ll never go wrong with this.

Article curated by Shelina Winthya